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B-Tech System 2 Components

SYSTEM 2 Ceiling & Other Mounts (9)
In this section we list the SYSTEM 2 ceiling mounts, purlin mounts, joist mounts and girder mounts, alongside other pole accessories.

SYSTEM 2 Pole options (13)
In this section we list all the available 50mm diameter SYSTEM 2 pole options

SYSTEM 2 TV mounts, collars & accessories (8)
In this section we list all the collars, mounts, pole joiner and other accessories for the B-Tech SYSTEM 2 (50mm diameter range)

SYSTEM 2 Flat Screen Interfaces (4)
For mounting large flat panel LCD, LED and Plasma screens on any B-Tech pole system, be it a floor stand or ceiling mount, then one of these screen interface is required

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