Trade Supply of AV Mounts, Stands & Accessories
Typical Hardware
Ceiling Mounts

Single Or Multiple LCD LED or Plasma Screens Suspended From a Ceiling.

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Wall Mounts

Flush & Tilting Wall Mounts and those offering Left / Right turn, ideal for the corner of a room or being mounted in an alcove.

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Desk Stands

A Full Range Single or Multiple Screen Desktop or Counter-top Mounts

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Floor Stands

A Full Range of LCD, LED or Plasma Screen Floor Stands and Trolleys, For Single or Multiple Screens

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Hospital Medical Mounts

A Range of LCD, LED and Plasma Screen Ceiling And Arm Mounts, Specifically For Medical And Care Home Use.

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Projector Mounts

Our extensive range of ceiling and wall projector mounts, offers safe and secure installations in all public access environments and in home cinemas.

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iPad Mounts Our extensive range of iPad mounts offers safe and secure wall, desktop and counter-top models for commercial applications, such as point of sale or public information

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Speaker Mounts & Stands

We supply a full range of loudspeaker brackets and floor stands, allowing the perfect positioning of your speakers.

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Controls & Cables Extensive range of Control Switches and Cables.

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Retail Window Speakers

Our range of Retail Window speakers brings true multimedia advertising opportunities to your customers. Traditionally, retail window displays offer fantastic visual stimuli, however, they're usually not true multimedia as they lack audio content. No other sense can stimulate a passing customer to turn their head towards your valuable window display more effectively than sound, no matter which way they're facing. Let's face it, if you're in the street and you hear a helicopter you can't help but look, even though you know exactly what the noise is? Our Retail Window speakers turn the actual glass into a sound emitting surface, rather than producing very directional sounds. The glass window produces a diffused sound across the whole surface, meaning that the volume does not need to be too high. Whether it's a voice, music or a dog barking, we aim to turn your potential customers' heads.  
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